MoASSP Strategic Plan

The mission of the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals is to improve secondary education through positive leadership and the enhancement of student performance.

In pursuing the mission of MoASSP, the Association shall be involved in

I: …providing information and leadership


  • Provide and work with other associations to enhance the mentor program for new principals
  • Ensure quality conferences, workshops and professional development opportunities
  • Use tools to gather feedback to improve programs
  • Organize and maintain lists of non-members as well as members
  • Survey principals to discover their needs
  • Disseminate survey topics to district presidents early in the summer
  • Develop and maintain an interactive website with professional learning networks and legislative topics
  • Continue to provide the Legislative Bulletin to association members through email

II: …encouraging research and service

  • Promote active involvement in local, regional, state and national associations
  • Continue to develop and support activities that promote networking and sharing of best practices
  • Encourage collection and use of data for better educational decision making
  • Bring forth NASSP research to conferences, professional development efforts, and regional meetings
  • Encourage principal/assistant principal collaboration to share research and best practices
  • Continue to showcase Missouri schools through professional development opportunities
  • Contact schools/school districts that traditionally are not involved

III: …promoting high educational standards

  • Continue Missouri Scholars 100 Program
  • Monitor and provide input to ensure fair and high standards for certification and evaluation of teachers and administrators
  • Hold students to standards of accountability based on the Missouri Learning Standards and the Missouri Assessment Program
  • Guarantee all students equal access to educational programs to be college and/or career ready
  • Promote learning for all stakeholders in the educational process
  • Promote technology education to ensure students are prepared for the demands of a global society

IV: …focusing attention on state educational issues

  • Develop resolutions annually regarding legislative issues
  • Maintain a lobbying presence in Jefferson City
  • Encourage participation in Better Schools for Missouri
  • Maintain a working relationship with DESE
  • Continue to support MoASSP districts to keep membership informed regarding statewide issues
  • Utilize the MoASSP website to increase awareness of regional or statewide issues (blogs, list serve, webinar, etc.)

V: …providing for the general welfare of principals

  • Focus on personal issues of wellness and retirement
  • Provide a Death Benefit Plan
  • Provide legal assistance for MoASSP members
  • Investigate methods to mentor new principals
  • Promote principal recognition programs
  • Provide for on-line and/or on-demand assistance
  • Encourage principal and assistant principal roundtables throughout the state
  • Encourage principals to advocate for their professional welfare

VI: …working with other educational organizations

  • Work cooperatively with surrounding state administrator associations
  • Work cooperatively with education groups, including DESE, RPDCs, School Administrators Coalition, Missouri Education RoundTable, MSHSAA, MARE, MCCTA and NASSP
  • Continue communication with higher education
  • Maintain a non-public representative on the MoASSP Board

VII: …following sound financial practices to support the mission of the association

  • Maintain cash reserves equal to at least one and one-half year of basic operational expenditures
  • Maintain an investment strategy that assists in fulfilling the goals of the Association
  • Evaluate all programs and services on a cost/benefit basis
  • Annually monitor conference fees as they relate to general fund balances
  • Annually monitor membership as it relates to general fund balances
  • Continue to develop corporate partnerships
  • Use association funds to provide direct services to individual members
  • Continue to explore new ways to increase revenue 

The MoASSP Strategic Plan was developed in June 1999 and is reviewed annually by the MoASSP Board of Directors. Approved by the MoASSP Board of Directors June 20, 2014.  Revised June 19,2015