2018-19 District Officers:
President:  Keith White, Buffalo HS
President-Elect:  Jack Randolph, West Plains HS
Past-President:  Marci Chadwell, Strafford MS
Secretary/Treasurer:  Isaac Sooter, Reeds Springs HS
Middle School Rep.:  Allison Dishman, Republic MS
 Asst. Principal Representative:  Dawn Young, Reed Acad.
Membership:  David Pyle, Carl Junction HS
Leg. Representative: TBA
NASSP Board Member:  Kevin Lowery, Lebanon HS
MoASSP Board Member:  Sarah Odom, Principal Hickory                                                                           Hills MS

  2017-18 District Officers:
President: Marci Chadwell, Strafford MS 
President-Elect:  Keith White, Buffalo HS

 Past-President:  Sarah Odom, Principal, Hickory Hills MS
Secretary/Treasurer:  Jack Randolph, West Plains HS
Middle School Rep.:  Allison Dishman, Republic MS
Asst. Principal Representative:  Dawn Young, 
Membership:  David Pyle, Carl Junction HS
Leg. Representative: Isaac Sooter, Reeds Springs HS
NASSP Board Member:  Kevin Lowery, Lebanon HS

 MoASSP Board Member:  Sarah Odom, Principal Hickory                                                                           Hills MS

  2016-17 District Officers:

 President:  Sarah Odom, Principal, Hickory Hills MS

 President-Elect:  Marci Chadwell, Strafford MS

 Secretary/Treasurer:  Keith White, Buffalo HS

 Middle School Representative:  Lori Wilson, Nixa JH

 Asst. Principal Representative:  Matt Harding, Joplin HS

 Membership:  Jack Randolph, West Plains HS

 Leg. Representative:  Isaac Sooter, Reeds Springs HS

 MoASSP Board Member:  Kevin Lowery, Lebanon HS

  2015-16 District Officers:
 President:  Sarah Odom, Hickory Hills MS
President-Elect:  TBA
Secretary/Treasurer: Marci Chadwell, Strafford  Junior HS
 Middle School Representative:  Shane Dublin, Bolivar MS
Asst. Principal Representative:  Keith White, Marshield HS
Membership:  Scott Cook, Mt. Vernon HS
Leg. Representative:  Isaac Sooter, Reeds  Spring HS
MoASSP President:  Kerry Sachetta, Joplin HS

​  2014-15 District Officers:
President:  Brett Soden, Principal, Strafford HS
President Elect:  Sara Odom, Principal, Hickory Hills JH
Secretary/Treasurer:  Mike Bell, Principal, Fair Grove HS
MOASSP Board & President-Elect:  Dr. Kerry Sachetta,  Principal, Joplin HS
 Middle School Representative:  Dr. Shane Dublin,  Principal, Bolivar Junior HS
Asst. Principal Rep.:  Colby Fonterhouse, Nixa Junior HS
Membership:  Marcia Chadwell, Principal, Strafford MS
Legislative Representative:  Kevin Lowery,  Principal, Lebanon HS

Southwest Region

*Listing of Districts and Schools in the Southwest Region

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2018-19 MEETING DATES (Upcoming Schedule of Events)

  • September 25th - 8:45 am - Fall Principals Meeting/MSHSAA 101 at 11:00 am                  (High Street Baptist Church, 900 Eastgate, Springfield, MO)​ Park in the Back Parking Lot and Enter Door #2 or Door #3  
  • Sept. 30 - Oct. 2  84th Annual MoASSP/MCCTA Fall Conference (Holiday Inn Executive Center, Columbia, MO) 
  • March 31 - April 2  Spring Conference (Lake of the Ozarks, Lodge of the Four Seasons)

​​​   District Recognition 2018-2019:

  •  Asst. Principal of the Year: 

              Josh Flora, Joplin HS

  •  Emerging New Principal:  

              Allison Dishman, Republic MS

  •  High School Principal of the Year:

              Natalie Cauldwell, Glendale HS

  •  MS Principal of the Year:  

              Jenny Bogle, Carthage MS

   District Recognition 2017-2018:

  •  Assistant Principal of the Year: 

            Theresa Wilson, Carl Junction HS

  •  Emerging New Principal:  

            Tyler Overstreet, Republic HS

  •  High School Principal of the Year:  

            Jack Randolph, West Plains HS

  •  MS Principal of the Year:  

            Bill Powers, Cherokee MS

​  District Recognition 2016-2017:

  •  Assistant Principal of the Year:

            Matt Harding, Joplin HS

  •  Emerging New Principal:  

            Matt Huntley, Carthage HS

  •  High School Principal of the Year:  

            Brett Soden, Strafford HS

  •  MS Principal of the Year:  

            Toby Kite, Rogersville MS

  ​District Recognition 2015-2016:

  •  Assistant Principal of the Year:

            Tyler Overstreet, Glendale HS

  •  Emerging New Principal:  

            Bob Baker, Galena HS

  •  High School Principal of the Year: 

            David Pyle, Carl Junction HS

  •  MS Principal of the Year: 

            Marcia Chadwell, Strafford MS

  District Recognition 2014-2015:

  •  Assistant Principal of the Year:  

             Sandra Cantwell, Joplin H.S. 

  •  Emerging New Principal:  

             Chris Stallings, Fair Grove M.S. 

  •  High School Principal of the Year:  

             David Geurin, Bolivar H.S.

  •  MS Principal of the Year:  

             Lori Wilson, Nixa J. H. S.