2017-18 District Officers
President:  Loraine Raziq, Hazelwood Central HS
President Elect:  TBD
Past President:  Jenn Sebold, Parkway West HS
Secretary:  Beth Rapoff, Horton Watkins HS
Treasurer:  Tiffany Taylor-Johnson, Ladue MS
HS Rep:  John Shaughnessy, Lafayette HS
PD Rep:  Gary Jansen, Hazelwood East MS
Non-Public:  TBD
Aspiring Principals:  Christy Mathews, Oakville HS
Middle School Rep:  Greg Bergner, Parkway Central MS
Social Media Rep:  Scott Lackey, Ladue MS
MOASSP Board:  Katie Greer, Francis Howell N. HS
Urban Educ. Rep:  Yolander Pittman, Hazelwood E MS
Assistant Principal Rep:  Jon Schultz, Francis Howell HS
Membership Director:  Andy Croley, McCluer North HS
MoASSP Non-Public:  Valerie Todd, St. Mary's HS

​  2016-17 District Officers
 President:  Jenn Sebold, Parkway West HS

 President Elect:  Loraine Raziq, Hazelwood Central HS

 Past President:  Cathy Lorenz, University City Schools

 Secretary:  Beth Rapoff, Horton Watkins HS

 Treasurer:  Tiffany Taylor-Johnson, Ladue MS

 HS Rep:  John Shaughnessy, Lafayette HS

 PD Rep:  Gary Jansen, Hazelwood East MS

 Non-Public:  Tim Dilg, Vianney HS

 Aspiring Principals:  Christy Mathews, Oakville HS

 Middle School Rep:  Greg Bergner, Parkway Central MS

 Social Media Rep:  Scott Lackey, Ladue MS

 MOASSP Board:  Katie Greer, Francis Howell N. HS

 Urban Educ. Rep:  Yolander Pittman, Hazelwood E MS

 Assistant Principal Rep:  Jon Schultz, Francis Howell HS

 Membership Director:  Andy Croley, McCluer North HS

 MOASSP Non-Public:  Valerie Todd, St. Mary's HS

  2015-16 District Officers

President: Jenn Sebold, Parkway West HS
President Elect: Loraine Raziq, Hazelwood Central HS
Past President: Cathy Lorenz, University City Schools
Secretary: Jane Crawford
Treasurer: Tiffany Taylor-Johnson, Ladue MS
HS Rep.: John Shaughnessy, Lafayette HS
PD Rep: Gary Jansen, Hazelwood East MS
Non Public: Tim Dilg, St. John Vianney HS
Aspiring Principals: Doug Barton
 Middle School Rep:  Greg Bergner, Parkway Central MS
Social Media Rep:  Scott Lackey, Ladue MS
 MOASSP Board: Katie Greer, Francis Howell North HS
 MOASSP Non Public: Kevin Hacker, St. Mary's HS


*Listing of Districts and Schools in the SASSP Region

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2016-17 MEETING DATES (Upcoming Schedule of Events)

  • September 20 - 8:00am-3:00pm - Restorative Practices for Secondary Schools (Parkway Southwest MS)
  • October 2-4 MOASSP/MCCTA Fall Conference (Holiday Inn Executive Center, Columbia)
  • November 3 - 8:00am - Principals Meeting/MSHSAA 101 (Lindbergh High School)
  • November 7 - 8:00am-12:pm - Safe Zone LGBTQ Professional Development Training (Brentwood Adm. Building)
  • February 13 - 9:00am-2:45pm -  Aspiring Assistant Principals/AD's Workshop (Rockwood Administrative Annex, Eureka, MO)
  • March 26-28 MOASSP Spring Conference (Lodge of the Four Seasons)
  • April 26 - 6:00 pm - SASSP Awards Ceremony (Dave and Busters, 13857 Riverport Dr, Maryland Heights, MO)​

​  District Recognition 2017-2018

  MS Asst. Principal of the Year:  
Kirsteen James, Francis Howell MS
 HS Asst. Principal of the Year: 
Karen Calcaterra, Lafayette HS
 Middle School Principal of the Year: 
Kashina Bell, Parkway Northeast MS
 High School Principal of the Year:
Sonny Arnel, Francis Howell Central HS
 Consummate Professional:
Joe Dobrinic, Pattonville HS
 Exemplary New Principal:
Ryan Sherp, Fox HS
 Educator of the Year:
Terry Harris, Rockwood School District

 District Recognition 2016-2017
 MS Asst. Principal of the Year:  

   Jeremy Shields, Hardin MS
 HS Asst. Principal of the Year: 

   Beth Middendorf, Parkway West HS
 Middle School Principal of the Year:

   Anne Miller, Parkway W. MS
 High School Principal of the Year:

   Renee Trotier, Rockwood  Summit HS
 Consummate Professional:

   John Shaughnessy, Lafayette HS
 Exemplary New Principal:

   Kacy Seals, Central Visual and  Performing Arts HS
 Educator of the Year:

   Geoff Macy, Northwest School District

  District Recognition 2015-2016

  •  HS Asst. Principal of the Year:

   Audrey Lee, Hazelwood Central HS

  •  MS Asst. Principal of the Year:

   Tiffany Taylor-Johnson, Ladue MS

  •  Emerging New Principal:

   Ryan Bishop, Ft. Zumwalt Hope HS

  •  Emerging New Principal:

   Tara Sparks, Truman MS

  •  High School Principal of the Year:

   Tim Dilg, St. John Vianney HS

  •  Middle School Principal of the Year:

   Ted Huff,  Francis Howell MS

  District Recognition 2014-2015

  •  HS Asst. Principal of the Year:

   Paul Burns, Marquette HS

  •  MS Asst. Principal of the Year:

   Keith Klosterman, Troy MS

  •  Emerging New Principal:

   Nisha Patel, Crestview MS

  •  High School Principal of the Year:

   Brad Snell, Northwest HS

  •  Middle School Principal of the Year:

   Gary Jansen, Hazelwood  East MS