​  District Recognition 2016-2017
 MS Asst. Principal of the Year:  

   Jeremy Shields, Hardin MS
 HS Asst. Principal of the Year: 

   Beth Middendorf, Parkway West HS
 Middle School Principal of the Year:

   Anne Miller, Parkway W. MS
 High School Principal of the Year:

   Renee Trotier, Rockwood  Summit HS
 Consummate Professional:

   John Shaughnessy, Lafayette HS
 Exemplary New Principal:

   Kacy Seals, Central Visual and  Performing Arts HS
 Educator of the Year:

   Geoff Macy, Northwest School District

  District Recognition 2015-2016

  •  HS Asst. Principal of the Year:

   Audrey Lee, Hazelwood Central HS

  •  MS Asst. Principal of the Year:

   Tiffany Taylor-Johnson, Ladue MS

  •  Emerging New Principal:

   Ryan Bishop, Ft. Zumwalt Hope HS

  •  Emerging New Principal:

   Tara Sparks, Truman MS

  •  High School Principal of the Year:

   Tim Dilg, St. John Vianney HS

  •  Middle School Principal of the Year:

   Ted Huff,  Francis Howell MS

  District Recognition 2014-2015

  •  HS Asst. Principal of the Year:

   Paul Burns, Marquette HS

  •  MS Asst. Principal of the Year:

   Keith Klosterman, Troy MS

  •  Emerging New Principal:

   Nisha Patel, Crestview MS

  •  High School Principal of the Year:

   Brad Snell, Northwest HS

  •  Middle School Principal of the Year:

   Gary Jansen, Hazelwood  East MS

Kacy Seals                                Anne Miller                                Renee Trotier                           Beth Middendorf                       Jeremy Shields

Central Visual & Performing      Parkway West MS                      Rockwood Summit HS               Parkway West HS                      Hardin MS

Arts HS                                    SASSP MS Prin. of the Year         SASSP HS Prin. of the Year       SASSP HS AP of the Year          SASSP MS AP of the Year

SASSP Exemplary New Principal

2016 Award Recipients at the Fall Conference


*Listing of Districts and Schools in the SASSP Region

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2016-17 MEETING DATES (Upcoming Schedule of Events)

  • September 20 - 8:00am-3:00pm - Restorative Practices for Secondary Schools (Parkway Southwest MS)
  • October 2-4 MOASSP/MCCTA Fall Conference (Holiday Inn Executive Center, Columbia)
  • November 3 - 8:00am - Principals Meeting/MSHSAA 101 (Lindbergh High School)
  • November 7 - 8:00am-12:pm - Safe Zone LGBTQ Professional Development Training (Brentwood Adm. Building)
  • February 13 - 9:00am-2:45pm -  Aspiring Assistant Principals/AD's Workshop (Rockwood Administrative Annex, Eureka, MO)
  • March 26-28 MOASSP Spring Conference (Lodge of the Four Seasons)
  • April 26 - 6:00 pm - SASSP Awards Ceremony (Dave and Busters, 13857 Riverport Dr, Maryland Heights, MO)​

  2016-17 District Officers
 President:  Jenn Sebold, Parkway West HS

 President Elect:  Loraine Raziq, Hazelwood Central HS

 Past President:  Cathy Lorenz, University City Schools

 Secretary:  Beth Rapoff, Horton Watkins HS

 Treasurer:  Tiffany Taylor-Johnson, Ladue MS

 HS Rep:  John Shaughnessy, Lafayette HS

 PD Rep:  Gary Jansen, Hazelwood East MS

 Non-Public:  Tim Dilg, Vianney HS

 Aspiring Principals:  Christy Mathews, Oakville HS

 Middle School Rep:  Greg Bergner, Parkway Central MS

 Social Media Rep:  Scott Lackey, Ladue MS

 MOASSP Board:  Katie Greer, Francis Howell N. HS

 Urban Educ. Rep:  Yolander Pittman, Hazelwood E MS

 Assistant Principal Rep:  Jon Schultz, Francis Howell HS

 Membership Director:  Andy Croley, McCluer North HS

 MOASSP Non-Public:  Valerie Todd, St. Mary's HS

  2015-16 District Officers

President: Jenn Sebold, Parkway West HS
President Elect: Loraine Raziq, Hazelwood Central HS
Past President: Cathy Lorenz, University City Schools
Secretary: Jane Crawford
Treasurer: Tiffany Taylor-Johnson, Ladue MS
HS Rep.: John Shaughnessy, Lafayette HS
PD Rep: Gary Jansen, Hazelwood East MS
Non Public: Tim Dilg, St. John Vianney HS
Aspiring Principals: Doug Barton
 Middle School Rep:  Greg Bergner, Parkway Central MS
Social Media Rep:  Scott Lackey, Ladue MS
 MOASSP Board: Katie Greer, Francis Howell North HS
 MOASSP Non Public: Kevin Hacker, St. Mary's HS