​  District Officers (2018-2019)
President: Jonathan Peterson, Smithton HS
President Elect:  Todd Whitney, Lafayette Co. C-1 HS
Past President: Connie Morris, Knob Noster HS
Secretary/Treasurer: Chris Marshall, Versailles HS
Membership: Jarrod Steffens, Clinton MS
Legislative Liaison: Bryan Himes, Sherwood HS
Middle School Rep:  Jove Stickel, Lafayette Co. C-1 MS
MoASSP Pres. Elect: Marc Spunaugle, Lincoln HS 

 MoASSP Bd Member:  Brandon Harding, Cole Camp HS

  District Officers (2017-2018)
 President: Connie Morris, Knob Noster HS
President Elect: Jonathan Peterson, Smithton HS
Past President: Marc Spunaugle, Lincoln HS
Secretary/Treasurer: Todd Whitney, Higginsville HS
Membership: Chris Marshall, Versailles HS
Legislative Liaison: Jarrod Steffens, Clinton HS
Middle School Rep:  Bill Daleske, Warsaw HS
MoASSP Board: Marc Spunaugle, Lincoln HS 

  District Officers (2016-2017)
 President: Travis Moore, Lexington HS
President Elect: Connie Morris, Knob Noster HS
Past President: Marc Spunaugle, Lincoln HS
Secretary/Treasurer: Jonathan Petersen, Smithton HS
Membership: Todd Whitney, Higginsville HS
Legislative Liaison: Chris Marshall, Versailles HS
Middle School Rep:  Sherri Thomas, Lewis & Clark MS
MoASSP Board: Marc Spunaugle, Lincoln HS

​  District Officers (2015-2016)
President:  Marc Spunaugle, Lincoln HS
President Elect:  Travis Moore, Northwest HS
Past President:  Steve Ritter, Lakeland HS
Secretary/Treasurer:  Connie Morris, Knob Noster HS
Membership:  Jonathan Petersen, Smithton HS
Leg. Liaison: Todd Whitney, Lafayette Co. C-1 HS
MoASSP Board:  Simone Dillingham, Warrensburg HS

  District Officers (2014-2015)
President: Steve Ritter, Lakeland HS
President Elect: Marc Spunaugle, Lincoln HS
Past President: Bryan Pettengill, Clinton HS
Secretary/Treasurer: Travis Moore, Northwest HS
Membership: Connie Morris, Knob Noster HS
Legislative Liaison: Jonathan Petersen, Smithton HS
MoASSP Board: Simone Dillingham, Warrensburg HS

Central Region

*Listing of Districts and Schools in the Central Region

                                Next years meeting schedule will be posted soon!

​​​​​  District Recognitions (2018-2019)

  •  Assistant Principal of the Year:  

             Sarah Chapman, Warrensburg HS             

  •  High School Principal of the Year:  

             James Frank, Crestridge HS

  •  Middle School Principal of the Year:  

             Joe Stickle Lafayette Co. MS

  •  Consummate Professional:  

             Marc Spunaugle, Lincoln HS


  District Recognitions (2017-2018)

  •  Assistant Principal of the Year:  

             Tom Huffington, Oak Grove MS

  • Exemplary New Principal:

             Lacy Warren, La Monte H.S.

  •  High School Principal of the Year:  

             Jonathan Petersen, Smithton H.S.

  •  Middle School Principal of the Year:  

             Sherri Thomas, Lewis and Clark MS (Jefferson City)

  •  Consummate Professional:  

             Travis Moore,  Lexington HS 


  District Recognitions (2016-2017)

  •  Assistant Principal of the Year:  

             David Wilson, Jefferson City HS

  •  Exemplary New Principal:  

             Scott Calhoun, Calhoun K-12

  •  High School Principal of the Year:  

             Tim Edwards, Boonville H.S.

  •  Middle School Principal of the Year:  

             Tracy Kemp, Oak Grove MS

  •  Consummate Professional:  

             Todd Whitney,  Higginsville HS

  •  Dr. Jim King Presidential Award:  

             Marc Spunaugle, Lincoln H.S.

 2015-2016 District Recognitions

  •  Assistant Principal of the Year:  

             Kayla England, Clinton H.S.

  •  Exemplary New Principal:  

             Connie Morris, Knob Noster H.S.

  •  High School Principal of the Year:  

             Steve Ritter, Lakeland H.S.

  •  Middle School Principal of the Year:  

             Brandon Wallace, Smithton HS

  •  Consummate Professional:  

             Gary Wheeler, Lafayette Co. C-1 MS