Beginning Teacher Assistance Program Workshops:

Sponsored by MoASSP and MAESP

Time:  9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Cost:  $88.00
October 12th (University of Central Missouri)

October 13th (Lindenwood University)

October 14th (Lindenwood University)
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Fax back to 573-445-6416 or email to 

​Discussion Topics:

​Classroom Environment 

  • Classroom management techniques
  • Managing time, space, transitions and activities
  • Awareness of diverse classroom, school and community cultures

Student Engagement and Motivation

  • Effective instruction
  • Clear learning goals and/or objectives
  • Student voice and choice
  • Teaching and learning activities which are student-active

Professional Communication –

  • Effective communication with students, mentors, colleagues and parents
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication techniques
  • Using technology and social media for communication

Education-Related Law 

  • Certification requirements
  • Professional rights and responsibilities
  • Self-assessment and professional learning

Tentative Schedule for the Day

​8:30-9:00        Registration

9:00-10:00      Welcome, Announcements, Keynote Address

10:00-1:30pm  Breakout Session by Grade Level (Elementary, Middle, High School)

                   (Lunch will be included within the Breakout Session at approximately Noon.)

1:30-2:15pm     Education Related Law Topics

2:15-3:00pm     Final General Session