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Principals of the Year

The Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP) has selected Ted Huff, principal of Francis Howell Middle School in the Francis Howell School District, as the 2016 Missouri Middle School Principal of the Year and David Pyle, principal at Carl Junction High School, as the 2016 Missouri High School Principal of the Year.  MASSP officially presented the awards during the annual MASSP Spring Conference at the Lodge of Four Seasons, Lake Ozark, Mo., on Monday, March 21, 2016.  They were awarded the recognition based on their impact in the areas of collaborative leadership; curriculum, instruction and assessment; and personalization of the learning environment.

2016 MASSP Middle School Principal of the Year
Ted Huff,  Francis Howell Middle School in the Francis Howell School District

2016 MASSP High School Principal of the Year
David Pyle, Carl Junction High School in the Carl Junction School District

History of Principal of the Year

(Prior to 2000 there was only one Principal of the year.  There was no separation of Middle or High School.  One category was used.  From 2000 to present we have used two categories and celebrated a Middle Level Principal and High School Principal of the Year.)

MASSP Principal of the Year

86-87           Bud Oerly - Boonville HS

87-88           Roger Berkbuegler - Rolla HS

88-89           LeRoy Huff - Scotland Co. HS

89-90           Dan Clark - Potosi HS

90-91           John Glore - Pattonville HS

91-92           Grundy Newton - Liberty JHS

92-93           Emmett Sawyer - Logan-Rogersville HS

93-94           Arline Kalishman - Brentwood MS

94-95           Mary Laffey - Oakland JHS

95-96           John Laurie - Hillcrest HS

96-97           Ed Duncan - Lawson MS

97-98           Jerry Giger - Rolla MS

98-99       Katherine Barton - Oak Grove MS

99-00       David Waters - Farmington HS

MASSP Middle School Principal of the Year

00-01 John Brandenburg - Oakville MS

01-02 Robert Steffes - Lewis & Clark MS

02-03 Steve Laub - Rolla JHS

03-04 Clark Mershon - New Mark MS

04-05 Bill Scully - Raymore-Peculiar MS

05-06 Don Andrews - Summit Lakes MS

06-07 Kim Presko - Oakland JHS

07-08 James Dunn - Lakeview MS

08-09 Jess Grizzell - Waynesville MS

09-10 Dan Clemens - Eastgate MS

10-11 Tad Savage - Valley Park MS

11-12 Linda Miller - Rockwood South MS

12-13 Jennifer Tiller - Truman MS

13-14 Jamie Jordan - Brittany Woods MS

14-15 Ed Gettemeier - Hardin MS

15-16 Gary Jansen - Hazelwood East MS

16-17 Ted Huff - Francis Howell MS

MASSP High School Principal of the Year

00-01 Cliff Borgstadt - Pleasant Hill HS

01-02 Stan Elliott - Lee's Summit North HS

02-03 Keith Maxey - Blue Springs South HS

03-04 Darlene Jones - Francis Howell North HS

04-05 Richard Pemberton - Jefferson City HS

05-06 Brad Tate - Park Hill South HS

06-07 Brad Coleman - Central HS

07-08 Ron Helms  - Lindbergh HS

08-09 John Faulkenberry - Lee’s Summit HS

09-10 Kerry Sachetta  - Joplin HS

10-11 David Steward - Monett HS

11-12 Darin Powell - Bowling Green HS

12-13 Dan Anderson - Blue Springs Freshman Center

13-14 Brian Huff  - Raytown HS

14-15 Jason Snodgrass - Fort Osage HS

15-16 David Sharp - Lee’s Summit West HS

16-17 David Pyle - Carl Junction HS

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